Safety Tips

Below are links to helpful tips and resources about keeping your property safe.

The main safety tips emphasized by the Urbana Police Department at past HEUNA meetings are:

• Lock all of your doors (house and car)
• Install deadbolt locks on your doors
• If you have sliding or French doors, wedge a rod, broom handle, etc., in the track
• Don’t leave windows open when you’re not home
• Keep exterior lights on at night or use motion-sensored lights
• Put indoor lights on a timer
• Don’t leave valuable items in plain sight

If you’re going on vacation, Urbana Police Department officers can periodically check your residence when you are out of the area. Learn more about this service. Remember to put your mail and newspaper on hold.

They also said that they rely on us as their eyes and ears in the neighborhood, so if you see something suspicious, call 911 and let the police investigate the situation.

Read more from the Urbana Police Department about crime prevention, home safety, and crime reporting. View their PDF (see pages 12-15).  They also offer tips to prevent car burglars. Learn more about forming a neighborhood watch. Curious about crime trends? See crime maps or Urbana’s Open Data website at and click on the Police tab.

Here’s a thorough checklist from, including tips for keeping your home, surroundings, and children safe.

Considering a home security service? Here’s a comparison of services.

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