HEUNA Meeting Minutes 7/19/18

Champaign County Board Financial committee wants to meet with HEUNA

The CCB Financial Committee would like to hear HEUNA residents’ input on what our interests and suggestions are, prior to the drafting of their budget for 2019-2020. We are currently working on solidifying a date in August to meet with them and will promote it as soon as it’s set.

HEUNA Demographics

We are curious about our neighborhood’s demographics, including the population size of our neighborhood. Anyone know how to get that? You can learn a little bit about the demographics of Urbana on this website: https://webapps-cdn.esri.com/Apps/location-strategy-for-business/#/insights

Neighborhood Nights Follow-Up

Janie Frye and Carol Osgood set up a HEUNA table at the Neighborhood Nights event earlier this month. They received lots of visitors who picked up the HEUNA brochure and they also gave away some window clings. Carol also talked to people about the time bank concept.

Time Bank Presentation by carol osgood

A time bank is about neighbors helping neighbors. It’s an exchange of services: an hour for an hour, no matter what. It can involve yard work, child care, dog care, cooking, computer help, and more. It can use paper currency. It’s also an opportunity to identify vulnerable neighbors, including seniors and those with special needs. This would further develop our neighborhood.

Carol has been a psychotherapist for 40 years and has learned that isolation and loneliness affect one’s wellbeing. So time banks can help people feel connected and help one another.

Carol proposed starting a small pilot program—simple, doable—for three months and then evaluate it. She collected info from several meeting attendees to help brainstorm how this would look, and how to structure it. She hopes for about 20 participants in the initial launch of the time bank to perform and receive services. The brainstorming group will consider how to communicate needs, keep track of services, survey others of their needs, address safety concerns, etc.

Did You Know?

If you are curious about an incident that occurred where police are involved, you can call the Urbana Police Department non-emergency phone number and they can tell you what happened.

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