HEUNA Meeting Minutes – 6/21/18

Sidewalk Follow-Up

We will plan to have a sidewalk safety inspection this fall. Scott Dossett suggests we organize a group of volunteers to walk from the southwest to northeast corners of HEUNA and note where there are obstructions in brick or concrete, take photos, and use that as the basis of a report to Urbana City Council. More planning to come.

We also  talked about possibly holding a workshop with a skilled bricklayer on how to redo brick sidewalks; a similar successful demo occurred about 15 years ago in HEUNA on Maple Street where they made a curve around a tree. This would show a solidarity around brick sidewalks to the city council.

Urbana Park District Seeks Community Feedback

Marianne Downey shared an update from the Urbana Park District (UPD). The UPD wants to be more welcoming and is seeking feedback to help guide their priorities as they create their strategic plan. Main topics include Crystal Lake rehabilitation, reaching underrepresented residents, KRT trailhead at Weaver Park, and health and wellness. Help them envision what is possible with our park district. Learn more and fill out their questionnaire. Or you can give feedback or fill out UPD’s questionnaire in person at our Neighborhood Nights event with a prize wheel and giveaways:

Neighborhood Nights

Wednesday, July 11
6:30-8 p.m.
Victory Park

The UPD is also sponsoring an event for children in our neighborhood, and HEUNA will be partnering to provide take-home art activities:

Play Days in the Park

Thursday, Aug. 23
5:30-7 p.m.
Victory Park

Use of the baha’i Center

We talked about taking advantage of the second Saturday of the month at the Baha’i Center, especially during the winter, to hold a monthly HEUNA potluck. We like the idea of coming together with our neighbors in a social setting, as well as reaching more people within HEUNA apart from our Thursday night meetings, and using the beautiful Baha’i Center space offered to us for free. FYI, there are infant/toddler-parent play groups held at the Baha’i Center every Thursday at 10 a.m. Learn more. 

Next Meeting

Please join us as neighbor Carol Osgood explains the concept of community time banks, an effort to help each other out and strengthen neighborhood bonds. For example, all dog owners interested could offer dog-walking or dog-sitting in exchange for the favor returned at some point. We are also interested in this as a means to identify and check on our most vulnerable neighbors and help them with things like yard work, making sure they’re okay or if they need anything during bad weather, etc. Come learn more:

Thursday, July 19
7-8 p.m.
Baha’i Center (Green and Lynn)

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