HEUNA Meeting Minutes – 5/31/18

Backyard Chickens

Thank you to Rachel Vellenga for her presentation, handouts, and letting us meet Rea.

PROS: easy to care, inside for 6 weeks, care for a couple minutes a day, cheap to buy and feed, fresh eggs, firm yellow yolk, harder to peel when boiled, hate crows and hawks, Facebook group U-C Chicken Tenders, chicken tours yearly, kitchen off-alls they like, can mow your grass, don’t like snow

CONS: coop building is $$$$, have to be home, can get sick…no vet in town, they eat your garden, can live 15 years and only lay for 2-3 years, chicken poop, compost takes 2 years

REQUIRED: need a group and they make noise, adding to flock causes pecking order rearrangement, possums and raccoons prey on them, resources

Roosters? You can have roosters in town, but she would not..they are too loud, buy pullets and they’ll be fewer boys

Free-roaming, will run off, lighter breeds can fly, but can clip wings

OLD chicks- in retirement, probably too tough to eat

4-5 eggs per bird per week

Champaign stricter on chicks

Heat stroke is a problem heat a worry rather than cold, she lets hers in at 0 degrees.


This grocery story and thrift shop off of Philo (old County Market building) is open for business and welcome to all.


Anderson St. between Green and High, getting a new water main. Three residences asked city about switch to cement, it’s part of our protected area. N on Green bartered for concrete, there are areas of good brick in the city, council looks like it may approve the change, dilution of history, IAW should just re-lay the brick, HEUNA listserve traffic biased to brick, what should we do?

Safety concerns of walks. Financially the brick is more expensive initially but concrete is more expensive to repair, permeable, idea of precedent in the Anderson case, will the City essentially leverage the replacement of brick by utility construction?

Two issues: Anderson and ongoing maintenance,

              MOTION: HEUNA wants brick..all ayes

              MINUTE: City should increase budget to maintain sidewalks as promised. Ongoing maintenance is a must. All walks needs work concrete and brick..

People encouraged to go to next week’s Urbana City Council meeting.


Saturday, June 9, at noon

              Trucks- we’re good on Lynn Street

              Music- Gary Masters, Scott Wyatt, Eric Coulter

              Table- sign-ups, giveaways, guest speaker sign-up, banners, Tracy will provide donation box

              Food- Lance will cook, Tyler, Scott, Chris will shop

Next meeting

Thursday, June 21, at Baha’i Center, 7 p.m.

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