HEUNA Meeting Minutes – 2/20/18

Thank you to Urbana Police Department Lieutenant Bob Fitzgerald for attending our meeting to discuss crime in our neighborhood, safety tips, and field our many questions. Here are some highlights:

Burglaries in HEUNA

HEUNA is generally a safe area. is From Dec. 1, 2017-Feb.19, 2018, HEUNA has had five residential burglaries, most recently on Jan. 24, and one car burglary on Jan. 19. There haven’t been any burglaries since a third arrest was made last Friday, Feb. 16. Read the complete details by clicking on the handout below:HEUNA crime Feb 2018

Don’t Just Post on Facebook

“Google never solved a crime. If you don’t get the police involved, it can’t be solved,” said Lt. Fitzgerald. He emphasized that if something alerts you as suspicious behavior, don’t just post it to our HEUNA Facebook group, but call the police at (217) 384-2320. For emergencies, call 911. “We work for you,” he said, and the police will check out the situation. We appreciate looking out for our neighbors and for the safety of our neighborhood. Stats shared about HEUNA Facebook group: currently we have 424 members. We gained 78 in the last 60 days.

On that note, you can follow the Urbana Police Department Facebook page. They will be posting more updates there, from crime notices to traffic issues, to fires, to gas leak concerns.

Suspicious Behaviors

If someone knocks on your door, common schemes that a potential burglar would pose include asking for gas money, asking if someone named ____ is home (then saying they have the wrong house and trying on the next door, then on the next door), or wanting to talk about religion but they don’t have any literature with them, or a service person without any ID.

Officers in the Neighborhood

If a person says they are a police officer, you can call 911 if you don’t believe them. The dispatch officer will know if there are patrol officers in the area. When police are on foot patrol, they are encouraged to talk to neighbors. Or if a burglary happened nearby, they will ask neighbors if they saw anything suspicious.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, March 27
7-8 p.m.
Baha’i Center (Green and Lynn)

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