HEUNA Meeting Minutes – 1/16/18

  1. 403 East Green Street: New property owner Nick Dillon who wanted to meet with HEUNA and the community surrounding the area. Nick looks to tear that white house down and rebuild. He is looking at some changes that can be made in zoning, for  ex., parking requirements to downgrade, an alleyway petition, and at least a few other items he is meeting with the city of Urbana concerning property development. A resulting of residential conversation R3- single family R2- permit for a duplex, and R5 which is yet another constructive nuance….
  2. MCORE to Downtown: Mayor Diane Marlin talking about MCORE project opening up as a conduit of campustown to downtown Urbana (MCORE (corridor) is a renovation project of Green Street mixed office residential).
  3. Lincoln Square: Mayor Marlin looking at the total 16 acres of Lincoln Square (a Visioning Process).
  4. 200 block of South Vine: The Goodyear block is in a holding pattern.
  5. Speakers for future meetings: Community development—John Schnider, Kevin Garcia. Scott Dossett—police review board.  Rachel—a neighbor who likes to talk chickens, composting, Urbana park district. What topics could we publicize on Facebook?
  6. Picnic dates?

Thank you to visitor city representative Chris Marx for attending, and to Pastor Eric Coulter for providing the meeting minutes.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 7-8 p.m., at the Ba’hai Center (Green and Lynn).

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