HEUNA Meeting Minutes – 11/16/17


Thank you to Scott Wyatt for digging up old files including archival photos and minutes from HEUNA’s past! This gives us information to create a history webpage, compile HEUNA’s accomplishments, share fun photos to our Facebook group, and more. If anyone is interested in accessing this info, please let us know by coming to a future meeting or using our contact form.

Non-Profit Status Renewed

Thank you to Scott Dossett for renewing our annual non-profit status with the state. This helps HEUNA’s eligibility in scenarios such as applying for neighborhood association grants. If anyone wants to take the initiative to see if any relevant grants are open for groups like ours, please go ahead and report back to us.

Revisiting heuna’s mission

Those of us at the meeting picked out a couple of our mission statements and started to identify ways we could continue to fulfill those goals. Some of our ideas included:

• Take a walking tour in the spring to evaluate some of our neighborhood’s “weaknesses.” We can identify what our priorities are and then collect data on those (notes and photos), such as vacant properties, dangerous portions of brick sidewalks, spots that we want to see developed, etc. This can become an event where we combine trash pick-up and a BBQ afterwards. We can then take our findings to the Urbana City Council and ask how they can help us.

• Find out what programs are currently available to Urbana residents, whether financial assistance, home improvement loans, property maintenance grants, etc. We can invite someone from the community development unit at the City of Urbana.

• We also liked the idea of inviting guest speakers to our monthly meetings to increase attendance and share useful information. Scott Dossett said that he could present on the Civilian Police Review Board and the Historic Preservation Commission. Tyler Fitch said that he could talk about the City of Urbana Plan Commission. We decided to come up with a list of more topics and speakers at our next meeting.

• If anyone knows local realtors, we can promote HEUNA to them as a selling point for moving to our neighborhood. Refer them to heuna.net for more info.

HEUNA Window Clings

We have run out of our HEUNA removable stickers and will use our remaining funds to purchase window clings, which can be distributed at future meetings and events. These can also be given to new neighbors, along with HEUNA brochures.

Next Meeting

Our next HEUNA meeting will be on a TUESDAY this time, in case that makes it possible for other neighbors to join us! Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018, 7-8 p.m., at First Wesleyan Church (408 E. Illinois). Until then, you are invited to a HEUNA holiday party on Thursday, Dec. 28!


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  1. Holiday open house at Downey Fitch home Dec. 28 was discussed at this meeting. Very few people attended. Bummer.

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